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Research for the Future is an NHS supported campaign that helps people find out about and take part in health and care research.  Getting involved in research means you are helping to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and manage illnesses.

Everyone is welcome to register with Research for the Future, whether you have a health condition or not. The only requirement is that you must live in England and be 18 years or over. Registering means we will inform you about research opportunities you may wish to take part in.

We offer opportunities to get involved in research across all health conditions as well as for healthy volunteers.

There are many different types of research to get involved with including:

  • helping to design a study
  • being part of a discussion group
  • completing a survey
  • helping to test new equipment, or
  • being involved in a clinical trial.

We also have five areas of particular interest, our ‘Help BEAT’ campaigns.  Our current campaigns are Help BEAT Coronavirus, Help BEAT Diabetes, Help BEAT Heart Disease, Help BEAT Kidney Disease and Help BEAT Respiratory Disease. We are especially keen to hear from people living with these health conditions as we regularly have research opportunities in these areas.

Help BEAT campaigns

Current Studies


Testing the effectiveness of a new vaccine to prevent respiratory infections caused by the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Find out more about: Evergreen

Group meeting

My Diabetes IQ

Gathering patient views and experiences to develop a new online tool to support clinical decision making when caring for people with diabetes.

Find out more about: My Diabetes IQ

Phlebotomist with a vial of blood


Developing a national register of first-degree relatives of people with rheumatoid arthritis to help understand the development of the condition.

Find out more about: PREVeNT RA

Distressed woman deep in thought

Recovery from suicidal thoughts

This online study is looking to understand what constitutes a ‘recovery’ from suicidal thoughts and behaviours and what is most important to help people recover from thoughts about ending their own life.

Find out more about: Recovery from suicidal thoughts

Vegetable skewers


Study investigating how people can be supported to reduce the amount of meat they eat.

Find out more about: Optimise

Digital pain application

Digital Pain Manikin

Study looking at whether it is feasible for people with long-term musculoskeletal conditions to self-report their pain using a smartphone app.

Find out more about: Digital Pain Manikin

girl wearing facemask

Psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

International study exploring the effect of the coronavirus pandemic and changing restrictions on our mental health and wellbeing.

Find out more about: Psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

woman with laptop

Diabetes and weight loss plans

Online survey looking to understand what matters most to people living with type 2 diabetes when looking at weight loss plans and diets.

Find out more about: Diabetes and weight loss plans

Weekly drug regimen


This study will investigate the effect of medication reviews on blood pressure control in people with hypertension (high blood pressure).

Find out more about: OUTREACH

Young woman holding a shopping basket of food


This research project is testing whether a smartphone app can help people to make healthier food choices when shopping for groceries.

Find out more about: SwapSHOP

man using ipad

Diabetes My Way

Study looking to understand if a unique online system called ‘Diabetes My Way’ can help people with type 2 diabetes manage their condition.

Find out more about: Diabetes My Way



The PRINCIPLE clinical trial is looking to find low-risk treatments that can be taken at home for people with COVID-19 symptoms.

Find out more about: PRINCIPLE Trial

abstract illustration of a brain

Experiences of psychosis

An online study looking to understand how people’s experiences of relationships can link to the development of psychosis.

Find out more about: Experiences of psychosis

man using ipad outside

Motivate T2D

Study looking to discover the best ways to support people with type 2 diabetes increase their everyday physical activity to improve their diabetes control, particularly in the months after diagnosis.

Find out more about: Motivate T2D

brown shoes


Study looking to understand if a vibrating smart insole can help improve balance in people who have diabetic neuropathy.

Find out more about: SMARTSOLE

tablets and medications


This study wants to find out whether medications currently prescribed to treat people with diabetes and heart problems could be used to prevent heart problems.

Find out more about: PONTIAC II

There are currently no studies to display for this particular Research Area.