This study will evaluate how smart insoles and socks can be used to monitor and improve foot health for people with diabetes-related neuropathy.

Many people with diabetes develop ulcers under their feet due to areas of high pressure. The loss of normal foot sensations due to diabetes means they don’t recognise this increase in pressure. Smart insoles and socks can measure areas of high pressure and send an alert to a smartphone app and this study will test and compare several different foot monitoring technologies to inform future care.

The study is being carried out by a team of researchers at Manchester Metropolitan and Keele universities.


  • Aged 18+
  • Diagnosed with diabetes (any type)
  • Have peripheral neuropathy (impaired foot sensation)
  • Have not had a foot ulcer in the last three months
  • Do not wear a total contact insole (TCI)


  • Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), remote and online.


  • Taking part would involve using a pair of smart insoles or socks for three weeks.
  • Suitable participants will be asked to attend three appointments at MMU to:
    • assess their suitability and measure their feet
    • for a fitting of the smart insole or sock
    • to return the product and feedback on experiences of using the product.
  • Participants will be followed up with a short telephone interview approx. three weeks after their final appointment

Recruiting until

  • 31 December 2024

Trial ID

  • 72155978

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