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Repository of resources for Research for the Future including downloadable newsletters, leaflets, and posters.


Promotional materials (including leaflets and posters)

To download copies of our posters and leaflets, just choose from the options below. If you would like hard copies of any promotional materials for distribution in your clinics, please contact the office.

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The Research for the Future newsletter is published twice a year – please click on the issue number to download.

Current issue

newsletter issue number 12

Issue #12, Summer 2021 new badge


Previous issues

newsletter issue number 11

Issue #11, May 2020

Issue #10, Autumn 2019

Issue #9, Spring 2019

Issue #8, Spring 2018

Issue #7, Summer 2017

Issue #1 to #6 [archive]


Awards and commendations



The following publications have recognised the contribution Research for the Future and their volunteers have made to the study.  Where possible, we link to open access journals that can be read online.