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Registration explained

Research for the Future helps people find out about and take part in health research.

Our ‘Help BEAT’ campaigns invite people living with certain health conditions to register to hear about relevant research opportunities.  Current campaigns include:

Most of our research takes place in and around Greater Manchester and the North West of England.


Why should I register?

People take part in research for a variety of reasons, whether it is to help others, to find a cure, or to have access to the latest treatments.

Research to find better care and treatments for any health condition can only take place with the help of those who already have that condition.  By carrying out research into what works, we are able to discover the best ways to prevent, diagnose and manage illness.  Taking part in research means you are helping to improve care and treatments for the future.

Research for the Future connects people who are interested in participating in research, with research teams who are looking for people to take part.


What does joining Research for the Future mean?

When you join Research for the Future you are agreeing that we can send you information about health research that you may be suitable for.  You will also receive our bi-annual newsletter and occasional information relating to your health condition, local events or satisfaction surveys.

During registration, you will be asked to provide your contact details along with some basic information about the health conditions you have.  We will use this information to match you to research opportunities that may be suitable.

The quickest way to register is via our secure online form.


Text research and your name to 81400 and a member of our team will call you to complete your registration over the phone, or call the office on 0161 206 3636 (standard business hours).


What happens once I have registered?

Registered online or by text

One of our advisors will telephone you within a few days to complete the registration process.  During this call, they will ask you for some details about your health condition, the types of research you are interested in and for your NHS number.

Registered at an event or clinic

One of our advisors may need to contact you to confirm your details.


Why do I need to provide my NHS number?

Your NHS number is unique to you.  It helps us identify you correctly and confirm that the details we hold for you remain current. The Research for the Future team can never see your health or medical records.

You can find your NHS number on your prescription, medical card or your GP practice can provide you with it.

For more information about how we store and protect your personal information, please see our Privacy Notice.


Once I'm registered, what research can I take part in?

There are many ways you can take part in research.  As part of the registration process, you will be asked which types of research you are interested in.