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About Respiratory Disease

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About Help BEAT Respiratory Disease

Help BEAT Respiratory Disease is part of Research for the Future, an NHS-supported campaign that helps people living with respiratory disease find out about and take part in health and care research.

Taking part in research means you are not only helping to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and manage illnesses but also learning more about living with and managing your own condition.  Find out more

About Respiratory Disease

Respiratory disease is the name given to any condition affecting the airways and other structures of the lungs.  Respiratory disease can also be called lung disease.

Examples of respiratory disease include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and bronchiectasis.  Find out more about respiratory disease and how to manage it on the British Lung Foundation website.

Around one in five people in the UK have developed asthma, COPD or another long term respiratory illness. Every week 10,000 people in the UK are newly diagnosed with lung disease.
If you’re interested in finding out how you can take part in respiratory research studies, join Help BEAT Respiratory Disease. By signing up you could help to improve future generations’ healthcare.

Joining Help BEAT Respiratory Disease

Joining Help BEAT Respiratory Disease is free. When you sign up, we will ask you for your contact details, what respiratory condition you have and whether you have any allergies. We will explain the different types of research and you can tell us which of these you are interested in.

It is always your decision whether you take part in any research we tell you about. Your participation is completely voluntary and you can withdraw from a study or from the Research for the Future database at any time without it affecting the care you receive.

Any information you provide is stored on a secure NHS database and will never be passed to anyone else.  Please see our Privacy Notice for further details about how we protect your personal information.

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Current studies

Let’s talk about cough

Bringing together people living with chronic cough, healthcare professionals and researchers to look at ways to improve support for people living with the condition.

Find out more about: Let’s talk about cough

An elderly man coughing.


Study looking to understand why people with different chest conditions develop a cough and how their cough compares to people without a chest condition.

Find out more about: Orchid

Couple looking at ipad

EVENS (Evidence for Equality National Survey)

This survey will investigate how the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown is affecting people and will document the experiences of ethnic and religious minority people.

Find out more about: EVENS (Evidence for Equality National Survey)



The PRINCIPLE clinical trial is looking to find low-risk treatments that can be taken at home for people with COVID-19 symptoms.

Find out more about: PRINCIPLE Trial

How you've helped us

Woman on mobile phone

Developing a research proposal

Developing a research proposal to trial of a new smartphone app to help people better manage their own health conditions.

mobile smartphone

myAirCoach2 – self-management of Asthma

myAirCoach was a European-wide research project looking to develop a digital health system to help people monitor and manage their asthma.

person typing on laptop

How often do patients notice preventable problems in primary care? (Electronic Questionnaire)

Dr Jill Stocks, Research Fellow from the Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, which is based at The University of Manchester’s Institute of  Population Health, describes her experiences accessing the Research for the Future campaign. (Primary care includes all non-hospital healthcare such as GP surgeries, community services, walk-in clinics and pharmacies.) “Usually patient safety […]