Medicines Evaluation Unit: COPD drug

The Medicines Evaluation Unit (MEU) is a research facility based at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.  When faced with a clinical trial of a new treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), they approached Research for the Future’s ‘Help BEAT Respiratory Disease’ for support.

COPD is a common lung problem mostly affecting adults over the age of 40.  It causes breathlessness and cough and patients often experience flare-ups of their symptoms, known as exacerbations.  For this study, the MEU was looking for people with COPD who had experienced at least one exacerbation in the previous 12-months, requiring them to use steroid or antibiotic treatments.

Using our unique database, we were able to contact more than 350 volunteers with COPD who had specified they were interested in taking part in clinical trials of new treatments. Using an agreed script, we pre-screened potential participants for eligibility before referring those who met the inclusion criteria onto the study team.

Naomi Lawton (Recruitment Development Manager, MEU)

“The referral process of Research for the Future volunteers to the MEU has been successful, which is probably due to the time and effort put in to establish an effective process and maintain communication.  Thank you to the team for all your help.