NHS Lung Health Check

This project is looking for a co-applicant for a grant to develop a system to evaluate how the NHS Lung Health Check is provided and the long-term effects on the health of people using it.

The NHS Lung Health Check is offered to people aged between 55 and 74 and have ever smoked. It looks at how well the lungs are working and can help diagnose cancer early.

The co-applicant will join a team of researchers including a lung doctor, an economist and a scientist. Their role will be to share their experience of what it was like to have a lung health check, offer feedback on proposals and to help shape the future of the service.

The team will provide the co-applicant with any training/resources to help them understand the project.

This project is being carried out by a team of researchers at the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Manchester.


  • Aged 55-74
    Has attended a lung health check in Greater Manchester
    Current, or ex smoker


  • Online


Taking part involves attending and contributing to a series of online meetings.

If funded, it is anticipated the project will last for two for years, with monthly online meetings.

Participants will receive a payment of £25 for each hour worked, including attendance at meetings, preparation, and background reading.

Recruiting until

  • 1 December 2023

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