Benign prostate hyperplasia

This project is looking to develop an equality impact assessment to be used when assessing new treatments for benign prostate hyperplasia, a condition that affects the prostate gland causing it to become enlarged.

Co-producing the assessment with those who are diagnosed with benign prostate hyperplasia will make sure that it accurately reflects the difference medication or surgery can make to their quality of life.

It is being carried out by Health Innovation Manchester on behalf of NHS England/Improvement.


  • Aged 50+
  • Have been diagnosed with benign prostate hyperplasia and are taking medication or who have had or are waiting for surgery.


  • Online (via Zoom)


Taking part will involve:

  • Attending a meeting to discuss the project (approx. 1 hour)
  • Reviewing and commenting on the equality impact assessment including reviewing feedback and responding to questions.
  • It is anticipated the process will take four weeks to complete.

Recruiting until

  • 1 July 2022

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