Civic Data Identity Platform

Civic Data Identity Platform (CDIP) was a research project by The University of Manchester and Lancaster University looking at emerging technologies for data sharing in health care.

Researchers came to us to help recruit to several public involvement/engagement activities looking to examine views and attitudes on emerging technologies and data sharing, which was used to inform requirements for future platforms and systems.

Victoria Neumann (PhD student, Lancaster University) said:

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, traditional recruitment methods became unavailable. Research for Future helped us recruit participants to various online focus groups and workshops over two years. The number of responses by potential participants exceeded our expectations, showing how active and engaged their volunteers were. Due to the high responses, the project could move on in a timely manner

The support given by the team at Research for Future was professional and efficient, particularly in removing bureaucratic obstacles to recruitment. The communication was always pleasant, and helpful and they responded quickly to any specific requirements of the study.  Working with Research for the Future was a great experience and is highly recommended!”