Investigating the effects of a time restricted eating programme on blood sugar control for people who have been told they are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Results from this study will be used to inform future research to help prevent people from developing type 2 diabetes.

It is being carried out by a team of researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University in collaboration with Newcastle University and the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust.


  • Aged 18-65 years
  • Have been diagnosed with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia or have been told you are at risk of developing type-2 diabetes (sometimes known as pre-diabetes, borderline-diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance)
  • Typically eat for more than 12 hours pr day


  • Manchester Metropolitan University, Institute of Sport (M1 7EL)


Taking part will mean being part of a 14-week programme which will include:

  • Up to five appointments which will include a range of tests (eg blood samples, blood pressure, body measurements, MRI scan etc) as well as questionnaires about lifestyle and medical history
  • Wearing a CGM (continual glucose monitor) and physical activity tracker for a 2-week period at the start and end of the programme
  • Completing a food/drink intake diary for 3-day periods at the start, middle and end of the programme.

* Participants will be randomly assigned to one of two groups; the ‘Intervention group’.  Who will follow the programme, or the control group who will continue with normal lifestyle.


Participants will receive £50 towards travel expenses.

Recruiting until

  • 16 January 2024

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