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My Diabetes IQ

This project is part of a study developing a new online tool for health care professionals to use when caring for people with diabetes.  Researchers want to make sure that patient views and experiences are included in the development process.

MyDiabetesIQ is a new online tool being developed by MyWay Digital health.  It will be driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and computer-based decision-making to help inform clinical decisions.

Involving patients in the development process means that researchers are able to carefully consider and address any concerns that people living with diabetes may have,  The workshops will cover ethical concerns, safety issues, using data from electronic health records, and how the system might be used in the real world.

No previous experience of research involvement or understanding of the technology is required.

It is anticipated that this two-year project will start in autumn 2021.


This study has ended and is currently not accepting new applicants.

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