This study will test two different low-calorie diets aimed at helping people with type 1 diabetes lose weight and improve their blood glucose control.

The study will look at daily and intermittent low-calorie diets that have already been proven to be successful to help people with type 2 diabetes lose weight and improve blood glucose control.

The findings of this initial study will be used to inform further research.

It is being carried out by a diabetes specialist team at Wythenshawe Hospital, part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.


  • 18+
  • Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for more than 12 months
  • Are clinically obese and would like to lose weight
  • Currently using, or willing to use, the Freestyle Libre to monitor blood glucose



  • Following one of the study diets, supported by a specialist dietitian*
  • Attend up to five clinic visits at Wythenshawe Hospital
  • Appointments will include blood tests, anthropometry, and a range of lifestyle questionnaires.

Travel and parking can be reimbursed.

*Participants will be randomly assigned to one of the study diets.

Recruiting until

  • 15 September 2022

Trial ID

  • NCT04674384

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