Inclisiran project

This project is looking to understand people’s experiences of having high cholesterol despite taking statins, and how new drugs to lower cholesterol might be provided in Greater Manchester.

High cholesterol can place people at greater risk of having a heart attack or a stoke. Drugs called statins are often prescribed to help lower cholesterol. For some people, these drugs work well, but for others, their cholesterol levels remain high.

There is a new injectable drug called Inclisiran. It has been full tested and is licensed for use in the UK. It can be used alongside other medications such as statins or ezetimibe and has been shown to bring cholesterol levels down. This drug can be prescribed by a GP which reduced the need to attend hospital appointments bringing benefits for patients and the NHS.

This project is being carried out by a team of researchers based at Health Innovation Manchester.

This study has ended and is currently not accepting new applicants.

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