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Foot Loading: factors affecting foot loading and ulcer risk in diabetes patient

This study aims to get a better understanding of how foot ulcers develop so that foot ulcers might be able to be prevented in the future.


  • Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for five years or more
  • Have some loss of sensation/feeling in your feet (also known as peripheral neuropathy). If you do not know whether this applies to you but are interested in taking part, this can be assessed at an initial appointment.
  • Not have a foot ulcer at the moment (if you have had one in the past it must have been healed for two months or more)
  • Be able to walk without help for at least 30 steps


The Biomechanical Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University, M1 5GD
(close to Manchester Oxford Road Station)


  • Attending two clinical visits over 4 weeks. Each visit will last 2-3 hours. If you prefer you  can attend for one longer visit.
  • Have a detailed foot assessment carried out, including ankle strength and flexibility and MRI scans of your ankle.

Recruiting Until

1st May 2020

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