Using community pharmacy

Hearing loss can have a negative impact on the effectiveness of health.  Researchers based in the Division of Pharmacy and Optometry at The University of Manchester wanted to identify what difficulties people with age-related hearing loss experienced when accessing community pharmacies.

Using our networks, we promoted an opportunity for people to take part in an online interview to capture their experiences.

Shanice Thomas (Research Assistant, Division of Pharmacy and Optometry, The University of Manchester) said:

“Promoting our research study through Research for the Future has been integral for achieving our target number of participants. The service was recommended to us by a colleague who had experienced challenges with recruitment, and I am so pleased that it was.

We received an exceptional response from Research for the Future volunteers, and more than half of our interview participants were recruited using the service.

Thank you so much to the team, who were incredibly helpful and proactive throughout the recruitment phase of our study – helping to compile and disseminate the study advert and checking in on the progress with recruitment. I would highly recommend that other researchers utilise the fantastic support that the Research for the Future team can offer.”