X-ray - bone scan

Tameside Bone Metabolism study


Dr Janice Mascarenas, researcher at Tameside & Glossop IC NHS Foundation Trust, shares her feedback having accessed Research for the Future:

My research looked at the effects of high blood glucose levels on the bone and circulation in patients with type 2 diabetes. Owing to the study’s rigid eligibility criteria, it became difficult to recruit potential people which affected the progress of my research. Fortunately, I came across Help BEAT Diabetes, a NHS-supported campaign to encourage and inform people about research opportunities. I was amazed at the response from people who were informed about my study through this campaign and were interested in taking part. I am grateful to the Research for the Future team for their efficient and diligent efforts that facilitated my study recruitment. I would encourage other researchers to utilise this resource to ensure smooth progress of their research.

Many people are interested in contributing to research but are sometimes unaware of what they can get involved with locally. Help BEAT Diabetes is a useful resource that enables these people fulfil their contribution to research, and help future generations.