Neil Reeves inserting an insole into a shoe

Prevention of foot ulcer recurrence in diabetes patients using plantar pressure biofeedback


Our research team, led by Prof. Neil Reeves from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) successfully used Help BEAT Diabetes to recruit people with diabetes to our foot and ulcer prevention study. This is a clinical trial of a new in-shoe pressure detecting system that aims to reduce foot ulcers and amputations. In this study, sensor-embedded shoe inserts capture pressure data from patients’ feet while they go about their normal day. The pressure data is then wirelessly transmitted from the shoe inserts to a smartwatch, alerting the patient when dangerous time and pressure levels are detected, so they can modify their behaviour and avoid damage to their feet.

Dr. Caroline Abbott (Research Fellow, MMU), who runs the study, says “We have now reached our target population for this very important study, thanks to the continued support from the Help BEAT Diabetes team and their ability to reach out to the huge potential of prospective patients from the Greater Manchester”.

This study has gained wide media interest, in light of the BBC’s recent focus on the impact of diabetes complications on the NHS, with TV coverage on BBC North West Inside Out and BBC News North West (October 2016), including great interviews from Help BEAT Diabetes participants! You can view the video here