hearing test

Assessment of hearing disability in people with diabetes (Observational Study)

Wai Piu Chong, Postgraduate Student, School of Psychological Sciences, University of Manchester discusses accessing the campaign to support his research.

“My study assessed hearing disability in diabetic patients and I had an awesome experience working with the Help BEAT Diabetes team.

“The Help BEAT Diabetes campaign has a very well-maintained database of diabetic patients who are very enthusiastic about diabetes research and very keen to know more about diabetes research. Many patients wanted to contribute to the development of knowledge about the condition and volunteered without any hesitation. Working with such volunteers was consequently a stimulating and rewarding experience for me.

“Equally enthusiastic were the Help BEAT Diabetes’ staff. They were very helpful, responsive and receptive to my requests around invitation frequency and selection criteria and acted upon my needs very efficiently. The invite rate was controlled very precisely so we didn’t end up having too few or too many participants for the study.

“I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to the team for all the work they have done for my study, it made recruitment hassle-free! We received contact from our minimum patient target of 5 in just 3 days and our target of 10 two days later. In short, Help BEAT Diabetes provides a very useful platform between the researchers and the diabetic patients, and overall it was definitely a very pleasant experience working with them.”