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Cloudy with a chance of pain

Cloudy with a Chance of Pain was a 15-month research study conducted by a group of researchers based at The University of Manchester to understand the relationship between weather and chronic pain. Participants were asked to record their daily pain intensity on a smartphone app, which researchers then linked with local weather data.

A significant number of people living with diabetes experience some level of neuropathic pain (diabetic neuropathy) and the research team approached us with a request to support their recruitment via our ‘Help BEAT Diabetes’ campaign.

Rebecca Barnard (Project Support Officer, The University of Manchester) said,

“Following an email that went out to the Research for the Future database, many people signed up straight away either the same day or the day after.  The team continued to support our study over the following months using their social media channels and we really appreciated their efforts to help raise the profile of our study.

“We would happily work with Research for the Future again and are very supportive of their work to involve people in Greater Manchester in health research”