Cloudy with a chance of pain application

Cloudy with a chance of pain


Rebecca Barnard explains her experience of working with Research for the Future.

“Research for the Future were suggested as an avenue for recruiting participants to our study, which is investigating the relationship between weather and chronic pain, by Greater Manchester CRN. Although the focus of our research was not specific to one of Research for the Future’s three core research campaigns, we very much appreciated their openness to sharing the study with Help BEAT Diabetes volunteers, recognising the role of neuropathic pain as a symptom of diabetes.

An email went out to Research for the Future’s Help BEAT Diabetes database and over half of the 22 people who signed up did so either that day, or the following day. Research for the Future continued to support the study over the coming months using their social media channels, and we really appreciated these efforts to raise the profile of the study.

We would happily work with Research for the Future again should we design another study that met their criteria, and are very supportive of their work to involve people in Greater Manchester in health research”.