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What is Research for the Future?

Research for the Future is provided in partnership with NIHR Clinical Research Network Greater Manchester, NorthWest EHealth , Health Innovation Manchester and the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group. We aim to facilitate recruitment to NIHR Portfolio research studies and other NHS research by building a database of volunteers who consent to be approached about future studies they are eligible to participate in.

Research for the Future is promoted across Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas, to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. Volunteers receive information about relevant research opportunities,  local health events and a newsletter twice a year.

Our ‘Help BEAT’ campaigns invite people living with certain health conditions to register their details to find out about future research opportunities.

Current campaigns are:

Research for the Future is based in an NHS research and innovation department. Using standardised scripts, the team guide volunteers through the registration process, help maintain their details and make contact when opportunities become available to take part in research. All our volunteers are aged 18+years living with one or more of the ‘Help BEAT’ conditions. All are interested in participating in health research.

How can we help you ?

If you are looking for people to take part in diabetes, cardiovascular, renal or respiratory studies we can support you with recruitment by informing our volunteers about your study. We can help recruit to a wide range of research opportunities including questionnaires, focus groups and clinical trials.

If you would like to recruit volunteers from the Research for the Future database, you need to ensure this has been outlined as part of your recruitment strategy and appropriate ethics approval is in place. Study documentation will need to be provided to the Research for the Future team including protocol, patient information sheet, ethics approval and information about where the study is taking place. Research for the Future will contact those volunteers who meet the broad inclusion criteria, outlining the study and commitment required.

Volunteers who are interested in participating will contact you directly for further information and to discuss eligibility. We never pass any volunteer details to researchers/research teams.

All research opportunities are usually emailed directly to volunteers by the Research for the Future team.  If appropriate, we can also contact volunteers by telephone or post (print and postage costs need to be met by the research team).

Research for the Future can also promote the study on their website, social media platforms and newsletter.

For more information or advice on any of the above please contact Katherine Grady, Research for the Future programme manager: research.future@srft.nhs.uk.


What other support can your research benefit from?

The NIHR Clinical Research Network Greater Manchester (NIHR CRN GM)  is able to:

  • Assist you registering your study for NIHR support
  • Advise on the study approvals required to enable you to access Research for the Future volunteers and help you decide on the best approach to invite volunteers to participate in your study
  • Help with your study’s feasibility and strengthen your funding bid. NIHR CRN GM have access to a system called FARSITE . This links to GP data systems and provides anonymised information about the number of people in primary care who meet the eligibility for a study.

These services are all provided free of charge. For more information contact us or find out more about the NIHR Clinical Research Network’s Study Support Service.

Can you help Research for the Future?

We want to promote our ‘Help BEAT’ campaigns as widely as possible to encourage people to get involved in health research.  A variety of free promotional ‘Help BEAT’ resources are available on request. These include laminated posters, leaflets, video and sample content for newsletters and websites. Research for the Future can also attend and provide an information stand at clinics, Trust open days, health fairs and patient support groups.